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“Because even future generations can live and enjoy nature in its simplicity and uniqueness, we must respect the environment and its natural cycle”

4 Star Mondovì Hotel

Our Principles are:

  • Welfare of Our Guests
  • Pleasure and Desire to live in this wonderful corner of our Land
  • maintain the culture and tradition of our region in a changing world
  • a report conscientiously with the resources for a Clean and Healthy Environment
  • Philosophy of “Km Zero” and we prefer to use products of our region to reduce pollution from transport
  • Use of products for the Season Taste Better at the right time
  • the use of biodegradable products for cleaning and hygiene

“Our goal is to transform simple actions that take place daily in the hotel in significant gestures. We are proud of the commitment of our employees and customers through their actions have made ​​this milestone a reality.”

Our building was built in the ’80s as a knitting mill, has undergone an active revaluation in 2010 becoming a modern four star hotel.
Small hotel that offers eco-friendly initiatives in place spontaneously, by the use of solar panels for water heating, low waste generation, waste collection, emphasizing the cultural and environmental heritage.

The rooms are operated by magnetic cards to save on energy, the windows are fitted with magnetic contacts which, when open, stop the operation of these facilities.

These are not the only features adopted from the Hotel Villa Cinzia, the hotel has in fact a computerized and automated system that controls, for each environment, the output parameters of heating and cooling, and its power consumption.

The consumption of water in the rooms is very limited thanks to the adoption of filters that reduce the flow while providing maximum comfort in mind.

The frames that have been used guarantee a high degree of thermal and acoustic insulation in such a way as to contain a maximum of the dispersions.

Eco-Sustainable Tourism

The Hotel Villa Cinzia enhances the cultural and environmental heritage of the valleys, offering outdoor activities such as walking to the discovery of nature, hiking, mountain biking, bird watching, skiing, horseback riding, climbing.

Just a few minutes away to find themselves surrounded by green pine trees and chestnut trees, it’s relaxing and unspoiled views of the mountains, the perfect place to take a break and forget the stress and the daily rhythms, finding the time to tank up on welfare.