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Vicoforte Mondovì
Shrine of Vicoforte

The town of Mondovi Vicoforte, located a few km from Villanova Mondovi, host of the largest and most important baroque buildings in the Monregalese. The sanctuary is one of the most important symbols of our territory and is home to a majestic elliptical dome, one of the first in the world, which inside has a wealth of artistic treasures.

Vicoforte Mondovì

The legend tells us of a very young deaf-mute shepherdess who in a period of severe flooding of the nearby Ellero stream, had brought her flock to graze near a pylon dedicated to Saint Lucia and located at the confluence of the Lurisia stream into the Ellero river, when ‘Suddenly a woman with supernatural features appeared, who asked her to move the pylon to a safer place and sheltered from the continuous flooding of the stream, indicating a cave a hundred meters higher showing a natural cavity that opened on the wall of the mountain, and giving the  shepherdess a gift of hearing and speech so that she could spread her message.

Villanova Mondovì

The Church of Santa Caterina, which has always ÉGLISE DE SANTA CATERINA Villanova Mondov been the center of the ancient medieval village, was
reshaped over the centuries to respond to a community that was soon among the largest in the Monregalese. Long restoration works have retraced its history through the stratifications of time, finding many surprises, up to the last one that redefined the legend of its foundation. Today in the same church it is also possible to see another Santa Caterina, the original one. Different era, different style, for the Confraternity of Santa Croce (1755), the second church that crowds that corner of the square and the small belvedere. An excellent example of Piedmontese Baroque, it is the work of the famous architect Bernardo Vittone, who, despite his small “budget”, did not give up
on complexity, invention and effect. His  collaborations on the works of Francesco Gallo offer the key to a baroque journey through the rich artistic heritage of Mondovì.

Vicoforte Mondovì
Charrterhouse Santa Maria di Pesio

Located on the edge of the Natural Park of the Valley Pesio, the architectural impression is the late Renaissance and is surrounded by unspoiled nature of mountains, forests and streams. It revolves around the sixteenth century cloister which leads to the chapel of the Prior.

In the church of the Assumption is a stunning presbytery vault with frescoes by Antonio Parentani. It is currently used as a Missionary House of Spirituality, is a place of retreat and meditation and hosts groups of young people mainly for programs, retreats and meetings. Currently it is also home to the Missionary Museum.

Vicoforte Mondovì
Historic Centre of Monregalese

Old Town of Mondovi Torre del Belvedere, Ceramic Museum, Museum of Printing