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Villanova Mondovi

Grotta dei Dossi

the Grotte dei Dossi were the first to be discovered in the province of Cuneo, and a century later they were the first in Italy to be electrically lit, with thirty Edison lamps and an oil generator. But the real record is still another: they are in fact the most colorful caves in Italy. Of karst origin, with a total development of 910 meters and a difference in height of 21, the caves are divided into corridors and rooms with a thousand shades due to the variety of minerals encountered, in their path, by the drops of water that filter through it, modeling and decorating incessantly concretions.

Villanova Mondovi

Mount Calvario

Monte Calvario (814 m), which with its pine forest is the background to Villanova, is crossed by the dense Villanovian trail network that can be traveled on foot, by mountain bike or on horseback.

The paths lead to panoramic points, connect hamlets, reveal small treasures and allow you to reach two main destinations: the Grotta dei Dossi and the Sanctuary of Santa Lucia

Vicoforte Mondovì

Nature Valley Pesio

Rich in vegetation, the Valley Pesio is characterized by the beauty and extent of forests and the variety of flora and fauna. Located in the province of Cuneo, in the heart of the Ligurian Alps, Valle Pesio is a borderland, where snow-capped peaks and the first live Mediterranean influences. And dominated by Mount Marguareis, highest peak of the Ligurian Alps, whose mass is characterized by one of the most important karst systems of the Western Alps.

The valley is popular with athletesmountaineers, cavers, who have made it a destination of international appeal, but, more generally, for all nature lovers, as for all those in search of a direct contact and basic with the environment or want to find an oasis of peace and silence in the shade of the centuries-old Charterhouse.

It is the ideal place for those who want to spend a day immersed in the green and in contact with nature.

Frabosa Soprana

Cave Bossea

Located in Val Corsaglia, in the municipality of Frabosa Soprana Bossea Cave is the perfect place since 1874 that offers a feast for all lovers of nature unique. Situated among the most beautiful and important Italian destinations, offers its visitors conformations and unique landscapes. di quota; fra le più belle ed importanti grotte turistiche italiane per varietà di concrezioni, grandiosità d’ambienti ricchezza d’acqua e laghi sotterranei.
Aspetti assai suggestivi caratterizzano la parte turistica della cavità, creando effetti scenografici di grande attrattiva estetica ed ambientale. Le imponenti dimensioni, le altezze vertiginose, le pareti a strapiombo, i vasti soffitti intagliati a spigoli vivi, i dirupi, gli anfratti, i macigni ciclopici precipitati dall’alto ne costituiscono gli aspetti prevalenti.

These harsh and steep morphologies alternate with a very rich calcareous concretion, now forming imposing flows, enormous stalagmites or mighty columns, now stalactites, lace and drapery of great finesse and preciousness. The underground stream now forms tumultuous rapids and thunderous waterfalls, now calm and crystalline lakes enclosed between picturesque rocky and concrete banks; copious percolations create multiple plays of water enriching the cave with dripping, splashes, rivulets, fountains and liquid veils that sometimes collect in beautiful ponds and tubs.

Explore in 1850, illuminated and equipped for visits, it extends for over 2 km, with a difference in height of over 200 m. In the hall of the temple the complete skeleton of a speleo ursus that populated the cuneese caves up to 15 thousand years ago is exhibited.

Frabosa Soprana

Caudano Caves

The Caudano caves were discovered in December
1898 during the construction of the reservoir for the aqueduct of the hydroelectric power station of
Frabosa Sottana. Since their discovery they have
been the object of mystery and curiosity.
In the more than 3 km of 4-storey overlapping galleries of the Caves remain the remains of animals that lived thousands of years ago, such as the prehistoric cave bear.
Opening and guided tours.
The caves are open on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays throughout the year (except 25/12).
In August and during the Christmas and Easter holi

days they are open every day.
On weekdays not included in these periods it is always possible to visit them by reservation (at least 4 people).
The guided tour lasts 60-70 minutes