Piedmont is history and memory, art and culture, legend and tradition. A inestimable heritage and charm that permeated from the plains, hills and passes through the ends of the mountains, winding through towns, villages, abbeys, castles and fortifications  Embracing a secular effect, and incredible landscapes.

 A territory can offer accommodation to suit all tastes, culture, wellness, nature, sports, relaxation ...

Activities that our area offers:

  • Skiing in the ski Mondolè
  • Ski Skating Winter
  • Bobsleigh
  • Equitation
  • Summer Tubing

  • Cave Bossea
  • Cave of Dossi
  • Cave Caudano

  • Castles, fortresses, towers
  • Gardens
  • Palaces
  • Churches, Abbeys and Shrines
  • Historical museums and cultural